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Probably not the most optimal but you can find whats

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Barack Obama's sister Maya Soetoro-Ng on why we should leave the era of Woodstock, kumbaya, and flower crowns behind us. For the past half century, “peace” has often been practiced...Best gears for Axton BeeFour build. Weapon 1: Sandhawk - Fire. Weapon 2: Sandhawk - Corrosive. Weapon 3: Lyuda - Shock. Weapon 4: Norfleet - Shock. Shield: The Bee (best: Inflammable Bee) Relic: Bone of the Ancients - Fire or Corrosive. MOD: COM - Legendary Engineer or COM - Legendary Soldier. Grenade: Magic Missile.Aug 4, 2020 · In this video, we take on the OP 10 Digistruct Peak with my Blurred Trickster Maya build. Maya is very well suited to take on the peak whether you are playin... Maya's only one of those skills is Fleet, which really isn't useful enough to completely give up the shield over. CaptainKatsura 10 years ago #6 Not really.Rough Rider is mainly used for somebody who has good no-shield skills,like Krieg or Axton.Fleet isn't really worth losing shields over IMO,but if you want to have +50% movement speed ...Generally pet classes excel at solo play, so Gaige or Axton (especially double turret route) can lay a big distraction down. Maya has insane crowd control too. Iirc gunzerker is best in bl2. I would recommend gaige or axton, but mostly gaige. She's much more viable as she has access to anarchy.Terra will lose slag after a few seconds and the bouncing bonny will keep working for a lot longer. Something accurate to take out his crit spots, Fire Lyudas work nicely for this but are by no means the only effective weapons. Terra can be done at any point. Start UVHM before you become too over level. Subscribe if you have been enjoying and want to see more content! Timestamps: Gear at the beginning. Build at 6:58. Gameplay at 7:20.Check me out on Twitch: ... 2. 5. Kill Skill. Killing an enemy causes you to deflect bullets against nearby enemies, reducing damage to you by 10% and dealing 20% damage per level for a short time. Fleet. 3. 5. Your Movement Speed increases by 10% …Sirens are the ultimate support character. Able to fly around the area healing others and locking out enemies. Here is a basic build, I do neglect some facts...Borderlands 2 is a unique experience, and the class you pick at the beginning of the game is a big part of that. Each class suits a different play style and picking the right one is key for your ...As part of the new Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC revealed at E3 2019, Borderlands 2 introduces a new raid boss for players to take down. Yet even max level players with good ...If you are looking to play normal or vault hunter mode, the Borderlands 2 Siren Build is for you. It has co-op potential with solo play. The build is straightforward, and can be used in either situation. In addition, it has a high elemental damage potential. For players who wish to reach level 50, the main skill trees are Cataclysm and Harmony.Skilling Maya in UVHM as soloplayer. Hi, I recently decided to revive BL2 and bought the DLC's. I play on UVHM and do it mostly alone. Now I feel like giving some points into the harmony skill tree is obligatory for health regeneration (I don't have any items which reg my health over time). Especially bossfights feel impossible without.Link to my Twitter:'s up guys! This is VinylicPuma, back with another Borderlands 2 video and today, I wanted to attempt t...Due to a severe lack of close-level friends, I'm stuck playing Borderlands 2 solo.. I've tried a few different builds that I've found scattered around the internets, mostly focusing on one particular tree or another, but still I struggle with some of the content as I am forced to take on (sometimes) large waves of enemies single handed. Sure, I have …Wassup Guys, Here Is a Short Guide To Spawning and Killing Vermivorous The Invincible solo. Its set in the Tundra Express Farmhouse area as I feel its the ea...This is my personal Axton / Commando build for borderlands 2. This guy has been a good character for me for a long time and even more so now combined with th... dasmekoad. •. a lot of Maya's best skills are actually pretty early in her trees, converge is halway down her left tree and is a must grab in any build. sweet release is really good for keeping your hp topped off and it's a tier 1 skill in her middle tree, and cloud kill is one of her best damage sources and it's halfway down her right tree. I'm live everyday, I'm probably live right now! For Borderlands 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message Stage 1) This is the stage where Chief Ngwatu is still alive. This is definitely, the easier stage of the battle as Voracidous will not be in rage. While Chief Ngwatu is alive, he will transfer his shield to Voracidous. It is important to keep the Cheif alive while the shield is on Voracidous. The goal is to keep Chief Ngwatu alive as long as ... In this video, we go really in-depth with Maya's skill tree and This is part 2 of Stop Wasting Skill Points. In this video I try to clarify my points more and show it in the opposite way. Previous Videohttps://www.youtu... Best Parts: Hyperion grip, Hyperion stock. Best Pref

I would probably go with a reflection build. The high survivability combined with damage output and maya's ability to slag everything with abandon seems well suited to solo play. Tho it does publicly need an answer for melee enemies...Play Solo: This build gives you plenty of support to stay alive in solo situations. Need A Well Rounded Build: All out Healing or DPS not working for you? Try this hybrid build.Hi all. Taking a break from BL3 to come back and do a Maya run. Currently 62 and just met up with Brick in UVHM. I know a hell of a lot about BL3, but I only started playing BL2 about 2 years before BL3 launched, and so while I have beaten UVHM with every character, my in-depth knowledge is limited.. Last time, I managed to solo my way to OP10 using an …Axton is well balanced to play solo. the Survival build initially looks appealing as it has the obvious health and health regen. Use them initially to help you early on, but once you have 15-20 points consider a respec as you can get similar benefits under the Guerilla tree with Able, and having rockets and/or double guns will really help you.

The white sand beach of Maya Bay are unforgettable. Here's how to get to one of the most stunning islands in Thailand. Part of Phi Phi Leh island, Maya Bay is sheltered by cliffs t...Find out the optimum builds you can use to defeat Terramorphous raid boss, whether you are solo or co-op in Borderlands 2. ... This is a very selfless Maya build, which focuses mainly on the ...Welcome to my guide for my OP 8 Solo Siren Build here on Borderlands 2! This is the build I used to solo all 8 OP levels with Maya. This build is built to de...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. theres not a single build that is able to solo all co. Possible cause: Anyone got good solo Maya build maybe? I tried find something but no luck much..

Just beat tvhm and want to try and accomplish killing normal mode terra, idk if there is a good way of killin him with maya. Any help is appreciated! Acquire a Bee Shield from Hunter Hellquest in The Arid Nexis Boneyard. Then find a good fire SMG, and a fire sniper would be good too. Some good examples are the Hellfire, and Lyuda, and if you ...grab cloudkill skill from the right skill tree. it's basically broken powerful for the first and part of second playthrough. otherwise I like the left skill tree for all the boosts to her skill. I use this build on my 72 maya. Left tree 5 ward, 5 accelerate 5 suspension, 4 fleet (for breakneck banshee build), 1 converge, 5 quicken 5 subsequence ...

6. Psycho. The best Borderlands 2 class for chaos. Krieg was the last character to be added to the Borderlands 2 roster back in March 2013. The Psycho has an ability called Buzz Axe Rampage that makes him go into a fit of rage, exchanging his guns for a giant, two-handed axe that deals 500% melee damage and has a self-heal on every kill. The ...Borderlands 2 has six classes, each with unique abilities and appearances. Fun for stealth and long-range combat enthusiasts. Requires skillful play to shine. Melee-focused character for chaos lovers. Vulnerable in close-range combat, best for team play. Ideal for team play, excels as a healer and support. Offers numerous area-of-effect abilities.

I would spec a new solo Maya like this: Motio Setting up a retirement account may seem daunting for business owners, but it doesn't have to be. Check here if Solo 401(k) is your solution. It's easier than ever to start your ow...Action skill is a turret which can deal huge amounts of damage or grant shield/ammo. Excels at extended fights or fights in narrow rooms. He is literally a walking tank if played with the rough rider and the skill crisis management. Personal rating: Probably one of the best characters for playing solo. Borderlands 2 - Best All Around Maya BuildProbably In this video, we go really in-depth with Maya's skill tree a My Maya is only OP 3. before op 6-7-8. it was all about firepower. the fastest killing weapon wins. but when its op 7-8. all enemies are lvl 77-81. shield, health, regen becomes a problem. cause everything will kill you in 4-5 hits. if you got no shield, you die in 1-2 hits. With Maya, I'd say start with the healing tree first, thennn as Rapoulas. Axton can do stupid damage, hes good with everything but masters grenades and tediore chucking. Also, fun fact! On lvl72 op8, Axton had the fastest speedkill on Voracidous with a whopping 1.9 seconds, now on lvl 80 op10, that fight is the hardest raid in the game taking 40+ minutes. What is the best solo maya build (LVL61) ..So switch Fleet and Inertia depending on your shield. Also switch WarWelcome to the updated for level 80 and op 10 v Today we will be Ranking all Of the Borderlands 2 playable Characters from worst to best! Thank you all so much for watching today's video! Subscribe for mor...For general mobbing, Mirrored Trickster, Pimpernel and Antagonist is fine enough. For bosses as always, Beehawking. Another useful guns are the Tattler, DPUH and Grog always, Norfleet or at least a Topnea for fight for your life. I seem to be having a difficult time on OP10 so I like to for you Maya mains to share what build you use, the gear ... Rawring Nurse for lvl 72 to OP8 Coop Maya. Easily conv 16. g_RamenNoodles. • 9 yr. ago. Short answer: All of the characters can solo every raid boss. Long answer: It requires you to build properly and have a solid command of the game, but it can be done. Krieg in particular has a very easy time against certain raids, particularly Voracidous, Pete, and Terramorphous.Anyone got good solo Maya build maybe? I tried find something but no luck much. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Dev[Link to my Twitter: works on any difficulty. If you enjoy Related: Borderlands 2: How to Choose The Best Character for Solo Play. ... Borderlands 2 Base Classes and How to Build Their Skill Trees The four base character classes are Axton the Commando, Maya the Siren, Salvador the Gunzerker, and Zer0 the ... Maya the Siren - The Siren class plays like a glass cannon character focused more on her magic ...One or two are sufficient. If you are playing with Zer0, put a point in Res. You will use it a lot. Converge is good to have. It puts a lot of enemies into one place, which makes it easier to deal with them. One thing you may want to consider about Maya in a support role is speccing into damage.